Statement and appeal on the 100th day since the Ampatuan Massacre

March 2, 2010
Today, March 3, 2010, we mark the 100th day since the November 23 Ampatuan Massacre, when 32 of our colleagues, along with 25 other people, were slaughtered in the worst election-related violence in our history and the worst single attack on the press ever.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) calls on colleagues to wear black ribbons on their left sleeves to commemorate this day as part of our efforts to keep this incident in the public consciousness until justice is attained.

We also appeal to TV news anchors to wear the ribbons during regular newscasts and kick off the news with a brief story on the commemoration and an update on the case. For radio, regular newscasts could lead off with a similar story.

The call for justice remains as the murderers remain unpunished 100 days after the gruesome crime. We stand with the families of all victims of the massacre in fighting for justice until all those responsible are put behind bars.

We have vowed never to forget the November 23, 2009 massacre. We have not and we will not.

For reference:
Nestor P. Burgos Jr.


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